Cuba: first luxury golf property project approved

Letztes Update: 19. Oktober 2017

With officials approving Cuba will get its first luxury golf project, the Carbonera Club. Its a $350 million development with an 18 hole course designed by the golfing legend Tony Jacklin.

Jacklin on his first visit to the island in April 2011:

“Cuba is an ideal location for golf tournaments and has a bright future with regard to courses…where else can you light up a cigar and strike the ball?”

Benefiting from two airports this low-density development covers 170 hectares and will offer properties for sale from Private Villas, 1–4 Bedroom Apartments and Conran Residences. The Club will include a Hotel & Spa, a Beach & Watersport Club, a Tennis Club, a championship 18 Hole Golf Course and use of the Yacht Club and its Marina as well as the associate club of Xanadu.

Tourism Minister Manuel Marrero has confirmed that a formal deal had been reached for a joint venture between with the Cuban government to develop the Carbonera on a 170 hectare coastal site.

It unites award-winning partners such as Architectural design studios Rafael De La Hoz (Spain), Conran & Partners (UK), and One Works (Italy) as well as Golf course designer PGADC (UK) and other leading British brands; Camper and Nicholsons and others.

The Opportunity

With low or no taxes and good rental revenue potential built in, Cuba will tick all the right boxes for real estate and land purchase. This, together with an ever-increasing tourist trade will provide a high volume of not only potential buyers but renters waiting with only a limited supply of stock available. Right now 10 million U.S. citizens can already visit Cuba but technically they can’t purchase, yet.

While the ground appears shaky elsewhere, the outlook is positive for the Cuban economy, with the tourism industry in particular set for robust expansion over the coming years; average real GDP growth could be approximately 4% each year for the next few years. With great medical services, an unbeatable climate and a very friendly tax regime, the future looks bright.

And thats why people will go. Because when all the facts and figures are submitted – and the figures on Cuba are better than most – and the strategies and projections have been done, Cuba still remains a great place to spend time; not a dreary scrub island, and that will keep both the smart investors and the end-users coming. From Columbus to Hemingway and Churchill, it offers something that is rare in international markets – a place that looks even better to the naked eye than word of mouth or photos offer.

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