French luxury properties and lifestyle en China

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The Chinese famous actress Ms. Wei Zhao showed her chateau located in France, which is worth RMB over 10 million, in a television food program «12 Flavor» hosted by her good friend Mr. Nicholas Tse. The large Chateau of Ms. Wei Zhao was impressed by too many audiences, especially property investors.

Although Chinese investors cannot migrate to France by buying French properties, the precious chateau, Medieval Castle, apartments along the Seine River as well as seafront villas in Nice are always the Chinese investors’ favorites.

Besides, Chinese wealth class are focusing on French lifestyle incl. top luxury brands, champagne, wine, hunting, health care with great passion.

In conclusion, the organizer of CILPS2015, China International Luxury Property Show signed a strtegic agreement with French Luxury Property Alliance (FLPA), who’s authorized to be in charge of promoting CILPS in France as well as in Europe. Ms. Yang, the representative of FLPA in China said the FLPA cooperated with CILPS for the first time, but she had cooperated with YUBO Group the organizer of CILPS for 4 years concerning China Horse Fair (HORFA) project and she recognized the model of high end exhibitions organized by YUBO.

Ms. Yang expressed she estimated more Chinese investors will pay more attention to French market in the near future, therefore she will lauch French luxury properties and lifestyle at CILPS. Almost all of the brands that will attend CILPS are very new to Chinese people. These brands will come to know buying demand, interest and power of Chinese wealth class through CILP.

Since France has long history and deep culture, the Organizer of CILPS2015 is expecting the first launch of French luxury properties and luxury brands. The Organizer is planning one day «French Day» during the show period. Visitors can deeper understand the French history, culture and art by exhibition, a series of salons and open classes focusing on French traditional hunting, French etiquette culture and wine culture.

As the most historic and accredited top real estate exhibition in China, CILPS 2015 the 9th China Int’l Luxury Property & Lifestyle Show will be held on Oct.31 to Nov.01 in Shanghai Centre. Organized by China Real Estate Business, House.Ifeng.com and YUBO Group this year, CILPS2015 focuses on the properties of Retirement, Tourism, Vacation and Leisure and will create activity exhibiting platform for the home-based buyers.

CILPS luxury properties and lifestyle

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