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Nature Embracing Villa, Хавеа, Испания

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Javea Испания
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Обновлен: 2017-03-24
EN| Fantastic villa designed for people that are looking for a combination of design, seclusion and nature. This property is divided into two parts, one for the day and one for the night. These two parts are separated by an open corridor providing space for plants and water falls and they are connected by a glass channel.

In the day part there is a modern and luxurious open concept kitchen and a living-room featuring a fantastic view into nature. Just behind the kitchen you can enjoy shady spots in an open air inner courtyard.

The night part of this house provides 3 bedrooms with en suite bathrooms with state of the art design .

As you walk into the open corridor dividing the two parts of the villa, you will find a flight of stairs leading onto the roof terrace where there is a fantastic swimming pool with built-in relax chairs featuring massage jets.

The quiet urbanization is bordering the beautiful pine tree national park “Granadella” with panoramic views onto Mount Montgó which is surrounded by the natural reserve “Parc natural el Montgó”. The distance to the beach “Arenal” is only 4km.

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