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История сайта & Norberto Moreau

История сайта

nauticPROPERTY was launched 2013 by Mr. Norberto Moreau in English, Spanish and German due to the demand of nautical clients and yacht owners for residential and investment properties.

norbertomoreauIt was a logical step with having 20 years experience in selling commercial real estate, exclusive vacation residences in Lugano, Switzerland and real estate investments in South Germany, and then after more than 5 years consulting for a few spanish constructor groups.

After the burst of the real estate bubble several business contacts sold secretly some of their private properties and business participations, and instead of creating a planned agency platform, nauticPROPERTY became a platform with «access by invitation» for confidential negotiations with our yachting contacts worldwide. This made necessary to add 4 more languages (French, Italian, Russian, Chinese).

Most of the projects focussed Denia, Javea and Valencia. As many activities and contacts of Allied Management cover the East Asian and Chinese market, nauticPROPERTY expands 2019 to these regions.

Norberto Moreau is co-founder of the Allied Management Ltd Consulting Group (Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Spain). The group and his associates have activities in Yachting, Properties, Events and Online Services.
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• Private Website: norbertomoreau.com
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