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Hовый: Casa Amanda Дения, Испания, Hовый: Casa Cristina Дения, Испания, Hовый: Casa Diana Дения, Испания, Hовый: Casa Erica Дения, Испания, Hовый: Casa Lorena Дения, Испания, Hовый: Casa Luisa Дения, Испания, Hовый: Casa Rebeca Дения, Испания, Hовый: Casa Tamara Дения, Испания, 31 участок — Altea Hills, Испания, Nature Embracing Villa, Хавеа, Испания, Luxusvilla Med. Style Дения, Испания, Montgo Вилла с прекрасным видом на море Дения, Испания, Защищено: Отель, Валенсия, Испания, Villa Don Bernardo, Дения, Испания, Stylish Villa, Дения, Испания, Finca San Miguel, Коста Бланка, Испания, Designer Villa Хавеа, Испания, Modern Designer Villa Дения, Испания,


OVERSEAS PROPERTY exhibition 2019 Moscow, Oceanix floating City concept, Novotown announces successful acquisition of the land for Phase II, Macau: Lionsgate Entertainment World to open in 2019, 4th Smart Cities India 2018 expo, 4YFN — Barcelona Building Construmat, Barcelona Building Construmat Awards 2017, Spotlights of MIPIM Conference 2016 in Cannes, Luxury Properties Show Shanghai 2016 will be hold in December, More than 1,500 international architects expected at MIPIM 2016 in Cannes, Magical houses made of bamboo, Building uniqueness for its users, How to reinvent the apartment building, Architect Joshua Prince-Ramus — Behind the design, The Blur Building and other tech-empowered architecture, How architecture can connect us, Why the buildings of the future will be shaped by … you, Grand Opening of the 2016 Venice Carnival, Why great architecture should tell a story, The New York skyline from the Hudson River with an ICON A5!, Landing at Saint-Tropez with a large private jet, Luxury Properties Show Beijing 2016 with Ferretti Group as Sponsor, Luxury Property Show, London, Diwali — Festival of Lights, Thailand celebrates Loi Krathong, Discover Hong Kong in 4 days,


China Insurers to Invest $73 Billion On Overseas Property, Hong Kong investors buying into London shops rise, China’s yuan devaluation to speed up outbound real estate investment, China may relax limits on individuals investing overseas, Chinese investors seek shelter in overseas property markets, Chinese buyers grab billions worth of real estate in three months, Chinese investors encouraged to tap Malaysian market, French luxury properties and lifestyle en China, Spanish property sales now regarded as stable as they increase five months in a row, Mubadala Real Estate invests in 2014 in USA, Europe and Emerging Markets, The Opus Dubai — the location of the first Melia Middle East, Italian taxes sending buyers to nearby Montenegro, Wyndham Group Launches 20 Hotels in Turkey, Cuba: first luxury golf property project approved, Luxurious real estate and golfing community in Dubai, In Spain Cash Transactions exceeding 2,500 Euros are banned, BALI among Most Preferred Destination for Chinese Tourists in 2011,

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